Saturday, September 04, 2004


Since at my main blog, smirky, I have spent at least 10% of my postings to write something about Potito Starace, I made the decision to move all my comments here. You can find also here the FAQ of this site:

Why is the site in English?
Good question! The answer is that I wanted to update everybody about the Italian tennis crew.
Italian was not perfect to reach this goal.

Will the site be available in Italian?
Actually, there are many great sites in Italian, that the translation is not worth the effort.

What did you post that Potito won the San Marino Tournament in September, when he was at the US open?
I am unable to set the date for the postings. However, I guess it is not really important.

Why have you built another Potito's website?
Guess what: Potito is going to be happy to have more websites. Moreover, the official site until now is only in English.

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